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Tailor-made solutions

Our team works to find specific solutions to concrete problems our clients may face, offering the right development taking into account yields, economic cost and product quality. Constant innovation is always present in our projects.
Zean has pilot and laboratory plants to assure application suitability, as well as establish the right operating parameters for each process.

Relevant processes

Efficient separations

Zean manufactured thin film evaporators allow the distillation at high vacuum of temperature sensitive products.

With more than 25 years of experience in design and thin film equipment provisioning with more than 150 references in FALLING FILM, THIN FILM and SHORT PATH.

  • FALLING FILM: a tubular evaporator for products with moderate viscosity.

  • THIN FILM: rotating evaporator with scrapers made from PTFE which is suitable for medium-high viscosity and temperature sensitive products.

  • SHORT PATH: rotating evaporator with internal condenser with rollers or scrapers made from PTFE or graphite which is suitable for products which have high boiling points and are temperature sensitive, operating vacuum of up to 0.001 mbar.

Innovation projects

Offering tailor-made heat exchange and distilling engineering project solutions for more than 25 years.

Our main references are:

  • Continuous and batch distillation projects.

  • Evaporation and concentration projects.

  • Molecular distillation, industrial plants with operating vacuum of up to 0.001 mbar.

  • Multiple effect evaporation and heat advantage systems.

  • Hydrogenation installations.

Innovation projects

Force circulation evaporator

Rectification technology

Testing center

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