Processes such as: the purification of products from synthesis reactions or the recycling of alcohols and solvents in the desired fractions in order to be reused. These are some of the example installations provisioned by Zean based on the ample separation and distilling experience.


Our references are oriented towards the purification of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). The primary objective is to achieve value-added products during the distilling phase or concentrated.

The construction of the equipment should follow procedures such as: coating and roughness of the equipment walls, cleaning-in-place (CIP), material selection and appropriate gaskets, etc.

The application of the GMP (good manufacturing practice) normals is usually required.

Environment / Waste water

Our foremost objective for our applications in this sector is the recovery of byproducts streams , being currents in water base using technology with energy cost reduction (multiple effect evaporator or steam recompression), or in solvent base through solvent recovery.

We also have references in the field of mineral oil recovery.

Contact us about technology to reduce emissions via condensation or scrubbers.)

Oils and fats

Thanks to Zean’s experience in contrasting technology in the field of oils and fats, originating from either animal or vegetable, with the use of thin film and short path technology oils and derivatives can be distilled using high vacuum (up to 0.001 mbar) combined with minimal residence time, this allows the attainment of the highest efficiency / yield and product quality to while avoiding thermal degradation.

  • Vegetable and animal Squalene
  • Sterols purification
  • Glycerine distillation
  • Hydroxitirosol purification
  • Lecithin drying
  • Methyl Ester distillation
  • Omega 3 fatty acid purification
  • Tocopherol distillation


Polymers can be obtained via monomers or via intermediate steps of pre-polymers. The purity achieved of the monomers or pre-polymers is very important for the subsequent formation of polymers. In many occasions the intermediates are unstable when heated. That is why the use of thin film or short path evaporators directly improve polymer quality thanks to the application of high vacuum and minimal residence time.

  • Epoxy resin
  • Acrylates
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyesters
  • Nylon
  • Polyurethane


To improve the purity of Biodiesel and comply with the standards according to EN or comparable standardizations, vacuum distilling is the best alternative.

Zean designed equipment, through thin film, permits the working with continuous high vacuum and through heat advantage systems with the objective of improving the quality and yield of distilled Biodiesel. The effect of minimum residence time avoids degradation and the formation of short chain hydrocarbons which cause loss of quality and yield.