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Industrial and pilot hydrogenation plants

supply plant with: process engineering, detail engineering, automation and control. Description: Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction which aims to obtain unsaturated organic compounds. To do so double-bonds or carboxyl groups from the starting product are saturated. This process is also used in the oil industry to get fats from the oil itself. Hydrogenation [...]

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Lab and pilot plant distillation units

To carry out distillation testing. processing amounts start at 2 lt. /day for the laboratory plant up to 50 lt. / day Description: At Zean we have our own laboratory and distillation facilities to carry out testing for specific products / samples for our clients. Our capabilities are: 04 [...]

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New Short Path distillation unit

Vacuum operation up to 0,005 mbar Thanks to the minimum residence time and also to the rotation effect, it can distils thermo sensitive products, viscous and/or with solids content. Description: High vacuum full assembly short path distillation unit including: main equipment, vacuum group supply, instrumentation and control cabinet as [...]

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