New Short Path distillation unit

Vacuum operation up to 0,005 mbar Thanks to the minimum residence time and also to the rotation effect, it can distils thermo sensitive products, viscous and/or with solids content. Description: High vacuum full assembly short path distillation unit including: main equipment, vacuum group supply, instrumentation and control cabinet as [...]

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Purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIS)

Thanks to its minimum residence time this method is appropriate for work with thermal sensitive products, such as active ingredients. The installation can work in semi-continuous or continuous and under vacuum, also minimizing the degradation effect that working temperatures can cause. Description: It's quite frequent that fabrication installations of pharmaceutical intermediates (Active Pharmaceutical [...]

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Biodiesel Distillation

Biodiesel distillation plant Thanks to the minimum residence time and versatility, this allows the working with products which have high boiling points in variable feed composition additionally to moderate viscosity. Description: One of the main objectives of the sector is distillation, since it allows compliance with quality standards.  If [...]

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