Our commitment is to give process solutions to our clients in the fields of: chemical, pharmaceutical, edible oils, environmental management, Biodiesel and polymers.

With more than 25 years of experience, we have a deep knowledge in the construction of industrial thermal separation plants such as: distilling, evaporation and drying as well as new process development with consultant studies and/or by using laboratory and pilot trials.

Since our foundation in 1991, we have more than 150 references in project development and plant provisioning.

pyme_innovadora_meic-EN_webOur projects meet:

  1. The most advanced engineering solutions.
  2. Tailor made processes according to the customer’s requirements.
  3. Results with operation guarantee.


More than 25 years providing solutions to our customers

These are our most notable successes

  • 1991: The foundation of Zean Process Engineering.
  • 1999: First short path evaporation turnkey industrial plant.
  • 2005: First supply of volatile organic compound (VOC) abatement plant.
  • 2008: Manufacturing of a 40 m2 thin film evaporator.
  • 2010: supply of multiple effect evaporation plant for a chemical plant with steam consumption reduction.
  • 2012: The building of our lab and pilot plant facilities to perform process feasibility trials, industrial scaling up, process operating parameters establishment, etc.
  • 2016: change of headquarters with a significant capacity enhancement.

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Zean Process Engineering and ProSim have a formal reseller agreement. Zean distributes the French company’s process simulation software since 2015 in Spain and Portugal.
This software has several modules such as: thermodynamic modelling, steady state process simulation, batch processing (simulation and/or distillation), energy auditing, etc.