The unique evaporator for extraordinary applications

The product flows along the inside wall and it´s distributed by means of the rotating distributor. Thanks to the internal rotor a high separation efficiency is achieved, the internal rotor has different arrangements: rollers and wipers basically, the elastomers are carefully selected according to the specific product and working temperature. The evaporator has an internal condenser to reduce pressure losses and to get higher vacuum up to 0.001 mbar. The concentrated product leaves the equipment at the bottom section and vapor generated is conducted to the internal condenser and leave the evaporator as a distilled product.

Main applications are: distillation of Squalene, Sterols, Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids (edible oil industry), colour and odour improvement in intermediate chemical products, mineral oil purification and waxes purification.


Vacuum distillation up to 0.001mbar

Very low process temperatures suitable for heat sensitive products

Low residence time