EVAPORADOR THIN FILM El evaporador más versátil del mercado

The market’s most versatile evaporator

The product feed enters from the top of the equipment and then is distributed via rotating distributor, the product falls into the heating wall through thin film. The evaporator has an internal rotor with different arrangements: rollers, blades which are touching the wall or metallic blades that don´t touch the wall for the highest demanding applications. Thanks to the rotating forced it can handle with solids content or high viscosity products due to the film layer is continually renewable. Concentrated product leaves the equipment at the bottom and vapours leave the equipment at the top.
Main applications are: Methyl ester evaporation, Glycerine evaporation, Lecithine drying, pharmaceutical intermediates concentration, solvent stripping in polymer industry (isocyanates, cyanoacrilates, etc.)


  • Perfectly adapted to a multitude of evaporation processes.
  • High evaporation rates.
  • Able to handle highly viscous products with or without solids.
  • Avoid foaming.
  • Low residence time – Minimal residence time.
  • Vacuum distillation of up to 1 mbar.