Short path distillation plants, vacuum of up to 0.001 mbar


The physical refining process of edible oils include vacuum distillation stages from between 2 – 4 mbar where the majority of fatty acids are distilled as well as unsaponifiable products such as: Sterols, squalene, vitamin E, etc. Zean’s objective is to provide to their clients installations to valuate this products, thanks to thin film and short path technology, with vacuum workload of up to 0.001 mbar, allowing the distillation of products with high boiling points and with very low residence time.

Process engineering / Pilot plants

At Zean there are plenty of references in this field, including physical properties of the products to establish theoretical simulations, also laboratory and pilot plants are available to establish operating parameters catering to the specific needs of our clients.

Installation Diagram

The installation is comprised of a high vacuum distiller, short path, with internal condenser, process gear pump, high vacuum pumps depending on the specific application the client needs, instrumentation, control panel and automation, interconnections between equipment, self-supporting structure and installation start-up..

Advantages of the installation

Short path distilling equipment allows vacuum of up to 0.001 mbar is the right equipment for distillation and purification of high boiling point products and thermal sensitive products. The equipment consists of a jacketed / covered cylindrical portion, a rotor and an internal condenser.

The specially designed rotor creates a thin layer of the product on the heated wall of the equipment. The product, through gravity, falls along the wall while the evaporation takes place within the equipment. The volatiles condense, in a short path, in the internal condenser. The residual vapor and inert gases are driven towards the vacuum whose connection is also within the equipment.

Thanks to the minimal residence time and rotation this enables the work with products that have a high boiling point, temperature sensitive and with moderate viscosity.

 Primary applications

  • Distillation of Squalene, Sterols and Tocopherol.
  • Distillation of fatty acids and fatty acid omega-3,
  • Improvements in both color and deodorization.
  • Solvent stripping in polymers.
  • Essential oil purification.