Process development

The processes which involve: natural products, unknown products, multi-component mixtures, etc., it is not enough to have theoretical calculations, Zean offers laboratory and pilot installations to carry out distilling / evaporation tests.

Our equipment allows maximum flexibility and together with the work of our clients and our experience with more than 100 tests for diverse applications and sectors permits us to find the best solution for specific processes.

Our basic objectives for our laboratory and pilot plants are:

  • Process viability.
  • Appropriate operating parameters: working temperatures, operating vacuum, etc.
  • Establish evaporation ratios.
  • Reaching required product quality

The availability of laboratory and pilot plants are:

  • Short path laboratory plant
  • Thin film pilot plant
  • Short path pilot plant

Different feed flow rate, heating and discharge configurations can be established depending on the process characteristics required by the client. Laboratory and pilot units are also available to be supplied to our clients and our commercial department would be delighted to handle requests and questions our clients may have.