It’s quite frequent that fabrication installations of pharmaceutical intermediates (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) have a solvent base as a reaction synthesis medium, once the active ingredient is synthesized it’s necessary to remove the solvent from the reaction medium for its purification and drying. This is normally carried out in the same reactor via a batch process.

The new technology which Zean offers is to carry out the removal of the solvent / drying through a thin film evaporator which offers the benefit of not damaging the active pharmaceutical ingredient since, in most cases, this product is temperature sensitive. On the other hand, the effect of scraping the wall allows the solvent base to be drained.

The advantages of the installation

All our installations can be validated according to the GMP standards, equipment with minimum internal roughness, (watertight / airtight) insulation, etc.    can be provisioned.

Vacuum operation, avoiding product degradation.

Semi-continuous or continuous process in such a way that the product is exposed to heated areas is minimized.

Regarding to the heating method, this can be carried out through hot water, steam or thermal oil.

The installations are also provisioned in accordance to ATEX (Explosive Atmospheres) regulations and carry CE certification of the components or the entire installation if required.

Modular installation and precast in our workshops, SKID construction allows for the assembly in its final location.

Process engineering / Pilot plants

Zean has ample references in this field, including physical properties of the products to carry out theoretical simulations, also having laboratory and pilot plants to establish the parameters catering to the specific needs of our clients.